The MIB Sweater
The MIB Sweater is made in lightweight 100% cashmere for a luxurious feel that’s perfect for winter layering. Round neckline with a detail wash on it, and it also has a mixing techniques detail in the front and back.It fits...
The MACA Sweater
The Maca Sweater is 560 grams, made in 100% cashmere with a luxurious feel with a turtleneck collar and slouchy fit that’s perfect for those wintery days.It fits true to size. All our Cashmeres come with the certification of The Good...
The PIPA Sweater
The Pipa Sweater is the classic V neck with slightly fitted shoulders.Also, it’s a layering must have for this winter. Crafted in 100% Cashmere, with a luxurious feel and it has the certification of The Good Cashmere Standard.Take your true...
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